Smokin Brothers Accessories

    Smokin Brothers is always working to find new ways to make our barbeque grill better.  We have found some new accessories that we feel will enhance your cooking experience.  These quality accessories are bolt on products that improve your backyard bbq fun.  Please check in regularly to find out what is the latest Smokin Brothers accessories on the market.

Traditional "30" Bottom Shelf

The traditional 30 bottom shelf adds versatility and durability to the your Smokin Brothers grill.  The shelf makes it easy to store things under your grill.  The shelf also makes the legs a lot sturdier for people who transport their grill going to tailgates, neighbors, lake, family outings, etc.  The bottom shelf will fit any traditional 30 or Barn-B-Que made in Jackson, MO.

Premier Side Shelf

The Premier side shelf adds extra work table space to hold all of your necessary bbq supplies.  The shelf folds down for easy storage and bolts directly onto your grill.  The side shelf will fit any premier grill with bolt holes already predrilled on the side from the factory.

Grill Companion

Consider this your new best pal! Perfect as a grillside workstation, our Grill Companion pulls double duty with room to store your grilling supplies and to keep those pellets close! Use it as an outdoor prep station and never leave your grill unattended. Measures 21" x 22" by 33.5".

Over the years Smokin Brothers has been working on recipes that not only provide outstanding results but also take some of the perceived hassle out of BBQ.  Taste for Yourself

Do you have a great recipe you'd like to share with other Smokin Brothers Grill owners? Submit your recipes and our chefs will give it a try... If we like it we'll post it.  Submit here