Double D Supply Co.

Double D was founded by David and Doris in the fall of 1995. David and Doris have always had a great Family mindset. If you worked with them you were family, which meant when it was a holiday or a nice weekend a grill would get rolled out and dinner would be served. Doubled D Supply has always revolved around cooking for the masses. 

Doubled D was a tractor salvage yard for the first 8 years of its life. Then slowly transformed into a distributor of BBQ products throughout a 6 state region and now tackle the whole United States. Both of their sons eventually entered the business as salesmen, Adam and Ryan. We believe as a family that a “family that cooks together stays together!” 

Currently Double D is the proud distributor of Smokin Brothers BBQ products. We believed in taking the family BBQ and making it about as much quality family time as possible. The lines of products that Double D distributes allow just that. Check out our products we distribute and send us any questions you may have about BBQ whether it be how to cook or what tool is the best for the job.

Over the years Smokin Brothers has been working on recipes that not only provide outstanding results but also take some of the perceived hassle out of BBQ.  Taste for Yourself

Do you have a great recipe you'd like to share with other Smokin Brothers Grill owners? Submit your recipes and our chefs will give it a try... If we like it we'll post it.  Submit here