100% Pure Wood Pellets

Are these pellets safe to use in all pellet grills?

Yes Smokin Brothers 100% Pure Wood Pellets are safe to be used in all wood pellet grills

What is exactly meant by “100% Pure”

               Smokin Brothers pellets have no base wood in them. They are comprised of what flavor is marked on the bag. The smoke is 100% from the flavor you choose not a hidden base wood.  


Smokin Brothers BBQ Grills

Where are Smokin Brothers BBQ Grills made?


Smokin Brothers BBQ Grills are proudly made in Southeast Missouri.

What type of finish is on the Smokin Brothers BBQ Grill?

                Smokin Brothers BBQ Grills have a powder coat paint finish for long lasting durability. 


How often does the Smokin Brothers BBQ Grill need to be cleaned out?

             Smokin Brothers recommends to clean the ash from the bottom of your grill for every 30 pounds of wood pellets used. This is done by removing your grids, the grease pan and the heat deflector shield. Then clean your fire pot and the ash from the bottom of the grill. 



Where and how should the Smokin Brothers BBQ Grill be stored when not in use?

               Smokin brothers recommends storing the grill inside or it can remain outside with a cover on the grill. Always unplug your grill once you are done using the grill.  



My grill will not light what should I do?

                First you should unplug your grill. Check to make sure all the wiring connections are made, refer to your manual. Then you should take the grates, grease pan and heat deflector shield out from inside the grill and look inside the grill. Clean the ash complete away from the bottom of the burning pot. A shop vac is the best tool for this process. If this does not fix the problem contact your local dealer or send us an email.  


Over the years Smokin Brothers has been working on recipes that not only provide outstanding results but also take some of the perceived hassle out of BBQ.  Taste for Yourself

Do you have a great recipe you'd like to share with other Smokin Brothers Grill owners? Submit your recipes and our chefs will give it a try... If we like it we'll post it.  Submit here