100% Pure Wood Pellets

No “filler” or “base” wood, chemicals, binding agents or other contaminants are used in the manufacturing of Smokin Brothers Premium Pure Wood pellets.  Our Quality pellets are produced to exact density specifications enabling them to burn efficiently delivering rich natural flavor. Unblended means 100% of the flavor you choose. It is up to you to mix and blend the varieties. When we say “Pure Hickory” it is 100% hickory. Try the different flavors for yourself. 

Pure Apple
Pure Cherry
Pure Hickory
Pure Mesquite
Pure Oak

Over the years Smokin Brothers has been working on recipes that not only provide outstanding results but also take some of the perceived hassle out of BBQ.  Taste for Yourself

Do you have a great recipe you'd like to share with other Smokin Brothers Grill owners? Submit your recipes and our chefs will give it a try... If we like it we'll post it.  Submit here