Seasonings and Sauces

    Smokin Brothers takes pride in its food enhancing products. All of our seasonings and sauces are family recipes.  We have created everything on our own that will help provide a nice accent to whatever you decide to apply it to. 

    Ryan and Craig have spent countless number of times perfecting the rubs we have and are currently in the process of making more to help broaden the seasoning spectrum for Smokin Brothers and our customers.The sauces always begin on the family stove, where
Craig starts the process of adding the freshest of ingredients. We make several batches and try it out at several family bbqs to ensure we have the wow factor covered. We will be coming out with some different sauces very soon so keep an eye on your local dealer.

Butt The Kitchen Sink

Butt The Kitchen Sink is a great all purpose sweet rub that works on every food.  The seasoning can be used as a base with another seasoning over the top or all by itself for enhancing the flavor of your food.  Butt The Kitchen Sink is a very unique blend of spices to give your food great flavor without the overpowering salt taste that other seasonings can leave behind.

Plus The Kitchen Sink

Plus The Kitchen Sink is a great all purpose sweet rub with a kick.  The seasoning has the same great flavor as the "Butt" with a little extra spices to give it the kick.  The seasoning has enough spice to let you know it's there, but not too spicy to overpower the flavor of the food.

Craig's Original Hickory

Craig's Original Hickory barbeque sauce has a bold hickory flavor that will complimen
t any food.  The sauce has a great taste with a good ole fashioned hickory flavor you will taste with every bite.  The sauce can be basted on any food and it is also great for dipping too.

Adam's Apple

Adam's Apple barbeque sauce has a crushed apple spice flavor that is not found in any other sauce on the market.  This sauce will surprise your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.  The sauce has a taste not found anywhere else.  The sauce can be basted on any food and it is also great for dipping too.

Over the years Smokin Brothers has been working on recipes that not only provide outstanding results but also take some of the perceived hassle out of BBQ.  Taste for Yourself

Do you have a great recipe you'd like to share with other Smokin Brothers Grill owners? Submit your recipes and our chefs will give it a try... If we like it we'll post it.  Submit here